One and two and three and four and five…nope, not aerobics. CPR; push hard, push fast. That’s what we’re trained to do. We are trained to violently try to save a life. With each compression, we are attempting to will life back into our patient.

This is somebody’s daughter, wife, mother or grandmother. She has a name. She is more than a “Code Blue.” She is a human being and this is her life. Until you have heard the first and last breath of life and the first and last heart beats, you simply don’t know how precious life is.

This also was my life as a nurse. This was before life was turned upside down and I was handed something that had nothing resembling anything that I knew. Being a patient full-time and losing my career weren’t on my radar. Things like this don’t generally show up in our life plans. They say everything happens for a reason. I’m slowly finding some reasons or positives that have come out of this “detour.”

The nurse in me still lives on. Becoming a rare disease and patient journey advocate was something that turned into a great fit. If I can help even one person emerge stronger, make a connection or improve care for others going forward, then everything is worth it.

Some people live in the moment while others sit back and watch the moment pass by. I’ve never been one to take life sitting on the sidelines. Blogging has given me my voice back. My passion can still live on through my words. Enjoy!

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